Finding your absolute path

What is my absolute path?

The absolute path is the directory location on a server's hard drive where Joomla! is located. In Joomla! v.1.0.x the configuration.php file would be something like the following, however, it can vary depending on your server.

$mosConfig_absolute_path = '/home/joomla/public_html';

To find out what your absolute path is, copy the following code into a text editor (i.e. Notepad, TextEdit etc), save the file as a .php naming it whatever you want (i.e anyfilename.php.).

Using your FTP software, ftp the file you have just created to your root folder. Open a web browser and type in

$path = getcwd();
echo "Your Absoluthe Path is: ";
echo $path;

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, delete this file as soon as you have ascertained the information you require.